Before and After Photos

Dr Charmikha Case 12 bf

The discoloured tooth was bothering the patient. She was also unhappy with the alignment of her teeth. Invisalign invisible brace system was used to align her teeth, and a crown was placed on the discoloured tooth.

The treatment was finished by offering the patient a course of home whitening.  The results helped her to gain her original smile!

Photo courtesy of Dr Charmikh

Dr Charmikha Case 2 bf
Dr Charmikha Case 2 af

This young lady cracked her tooth after an accident. She was very unhappy with her damaged smile, and it made her uncomfortable to visit her friends and family. Her smile was restored using an aesthetic porcelain crown, which restored her confidence.

Photo courtesy of Dr Charmikh

Case 1 - Pri - Before web
Case 1 - Pri - After web

This young gentleman attended following a football accident having severely damaged his upper front tooth. This was carefully repaired using a combination of root canal treatment, composite bonding an aesthetic porcelain, metal free crown. Five years later he is still delighted with the result!

Photo courtesy of Dr Amirthanathan Priyanthan

Case 8 - Rula - Before with Logo
Case 8 - Rula - After with Logo

Patient is a teenager complaining of gappy teeth and teeth stick out too much explaining it as a goofy smiler and being bullied at school for that. Treated with growth modifying ceramic appliances and train track braces, without extractions. Treatment time 18 months. Same results can be achieved with Invisalign teen.

Case 2 - Pri - Before web
Case 2 - Pri - After web

This lady was unhappy with the colour of her teeth and the appearance of the  worn, uneven edges of the upper front teeth. This was conservatively managed with a course of home whitening to whiten her smile followed by careful composite bonding to level and align the edges to create a more balanced look. Following the treatment she mentioned how she felt was given her smile back!

Photo courtesy of Dr Amirthanathan Priyanthan

Case 1 Rula Before with logo
Case 1 Rula After with logo

Adult patient complaining of teeth tipping inwards. Treated orthodontically with Damon Braces without having to take any teeth out. Treatment time: 16 months.

Case 3 - Pri - Before web
Case 3 - Pri - After web

This is lady came to see us complaining of the appearance of her lower front crowns. These were found to be stained, have visible margins and were misaligned. These crowns were replaced with aesthetic full porcelain crowns to create a neater and more natural appearance.

Photo courtesy of Dr Amirthanathan Priyanthan

Case 2 - Rula - Before with logo

Child complaining of tooth stuck up. Treated orthodontically with metal braces without extractions, the treatment took 9 months.

Case 4 - Pri - Before web
Case 4 - Pri - After web

This patient had been unhappy with the crooked appearance of the upper front teeth for some time. We straightened the teeth using the Inman Aligner brace system for a total of three months to achieve this result. She was very happy with how her teeth looked and the time taken to achieve it!

Photo courtesy of Dr Amirthanathan Priyanthan

Case 5 - Rula - Before with Logo
Case 5 - Rula - After with Logo

Adult patient complaining that he doesn’t show enough bottom teeth when smiling, treated orthodontically with Clear Damon braces without having any extractions. 12 months.

Case 6 - Pri - before web
Case 6 - Pri - after web

This lady came to us with a broken cap on her lower molar tooth which was also worn and leaking. We replaced this high strength porcelain crown which restores the appearance, as well as being strong enough to protect the remaining tooth and prevent any further breakages.

Photo courtesy of Dr Amirthanathan Priyanthan

Case 6 - Rula - After with logo

Adult patient complaining of top teeth sticking out. Treated with Invisalign without having any teeth removed. Treatment took 10 months.

Case 9 - Rula - Before with logo
Case 9 - Rula - After with logo

This patient had Invisalign to treat wonky teeth. The treatment took 5 months.

Case 14 - Rula - Before with logo

Adult complaining of midline not straight, making the appearance of smile wonky. Clear Damon braces. The treatment took 12 months without extractions.

Case 15 - Rula - FRONT VIEW Before with logo

Adult with open bite complained that they cannot bite into sandwiches and food properly. They were treated with Invisalign over 16 months.