Multiple Missing Teeth

Restore your smile with an implant supported bridge and regain the confidence to smile and look your best.

Where several teeth are missing, it is not necessary to replace each missing tooth with an implant. A bridge supported by two dental implants will provide you with natural looking teeth that are stable and secure.

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Implant retained bridges only require two implants to be placed into your jaw. Implants are permanent and can last a lifetime. You can regain confidence in your smile as they cannot be detected in your mouth. The added comfort and convenience make implants the next best thing to your natural teeth.
Before your dental implants can be placed, our Implant Dentist will assess your dental health. We will take x-rays and a CT scan to check the depth and quality of your bone.
Dental implants are usually placed under local anaesthesia. Although not normally necessary, sedation is sometimes used if it is a long procedure or if you are feeling anxious.

The gum where the implant is to be placed is cut and lifted. A small hole is then drilled inro the jaw-bone at the exact location where the intended implant is to be placed. The titanium implant is then tightly and securely fitted into this hole and the gum is stitched back over the implant.

Once the implants have been placed they are left to heal over 3 to 6 months during which time the bone tissue will attach to the implant.

We do not usually fit the permanent bridge on the implants straight away, but provide you with a temporary bridge or partial denture, whilst your implants heal.

After the healing period, a post or abutment is attached to the dental implants. About two weeks later, your final natural looking bridge is fixed to the implants. They will be indistinguishable from your natural teeth, so no one will notice the difference.

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