Crooked Teeth

Before and After Photos

Case 2 Before- Crowding and anterior crossbite.jpg
Case 2 - After 20 months Palate expander and Fixed Braces

Before Photo – Crowding and anterior crossbite. After Photo – 20 months Palate expander and Fixed Braces.

Photo courtesy of Dr Mirella

Case 4 - Pri - Before web
Case 4 - Pri - After web

This patient had been unhappy with the crooked appearance of the upper front teeth for some time. We straightened the teeth using the Inman Aligner brace system for a total of three months to achieve this result. She was very happy with how her teeth looked and the time taken to achieve it!

Photo courtesy of Dr Amirthanathan Priyanthan

Case 9 - Rula - Before with logo
Case 9 - Rula - After with logo

This patient had Invisalign to treat wonky teeth. The treatment took 5 months.

Case 1 Rula Before with logo
Case 1 Rula After with logo

Adult patient complaining of teeth tipping inwards. Treated orthodontically with Damon Braces without having to take any teeth out. Treatment time: 16 months.

Case 2 - Rula - Before with logo

Child complaining of tooth stuck up. Treated orthodontically with metal braces without extractions, the treatment took 9 months.

Case 14 - Rula - Before with logo

Adult complaining of midline not straight, making the appearance of smile wonky. Clear Damon braces. The treatment took 12 months without extractions.