Missing Teeth

Before and After Photos

Dr Sunkanmi Case 1 bf
Dr Sunkanmi Case 1 af

This woman complained of decayed front tooth. Decayed tooth was extracted, and an Implant was placed in that place, which was later restored using the crown. Patient was confident in her smile after the treatment.

Dr Sunkanmi Case 2 bf
Dr Sunkanmi Case 2 af

The young man reported of missing front tooth due to trauma. The gap was restored by a single crown after implant placement. Patient was happy after the treatment and able to smile confidently.

Dr Sunkanmi Case 3 bf
Dr Sunkanmi Case 3 af

This man had decay and tooth gap in his upper front tooth region. After surgical management with tooth extraction and wound healing Implant was placed in the missing tooth region. Implant was then restored using a crown. This procedure helped him to achieve his desired smile.

Single tooth before
Single tooth after

A missing front tooth is highly visible and can be a source of embarrassment. An implant crown looks and feels like your own tooth. No one need know!


Where a front tooth is missing or has been lost, a single dental implant can be placed giving a confident smile.


A partial denture kept falling down resulting in the patient throwing it away. The site was replaced with a new tooth attached to a dental implant.


Where two adjacent teeth are missing teeth, we have attached two artificial teeth to one single dental implant.


A failing lower front tooth was removed and replaced with a dental implant and crown matching the colour and shape of the other natural teeth.


A molar tooth had to be removed as a result of severe toothache. Three months later the tooth was restored with a dental implant.


Following a tooth fracture, the tooth was removed. A single tooth dental implant was placed.


An infected tooth was removed. The single tooth gap was replaced with a dental implant.


A missing back tooth was restored with a single dental implant, which looks, feels and functions like a natural tooth.


Missing teeth on the upper right side were restored with two single dental implants. The dental implants closed the unsightly gap.


The ‘metal’ circles showing here which are the entry points of the implants were subsequently covered with white fillings to give a seamless result.