Before and After Photos

Case 1 - Pri - Before web
Case 1 - Pri - After web

This young gentleman attended following a football accident having severely damaged his upper front tooth. This was carefully repaired using a combination of root canal treatment, composite bonding an aesthetic porcelain, metal free crown. Five years later he is still delighted with the result!

Photo courtesy of Dr Amirthanathan Priyanthan

Case 2 - Pri - Before web
Case 2 - Pri - After web

This lady was unhappy with the colour of her teeth and the appearance of the  worn, uneven edges of the upper front teeth. This was conservatively managed with a course of home whitening to whiten her smile followed by careful composite bonding to level and align the edges to create a more balanced look. Following the treatment she mentioned how she felt was given her smile back!

Photo courtesy of Dr Amirthanathan Priyanthan