Before and After Photos

Dr Charmikha Case 12 bf

The discoloured tooth was bothering the patient. She was also unhappy with the alignment of her teeth. Invisalign invisible brace system was used to align her teeth, and a crown was placed on the discoloured tooth.

The treatment was finished by offering the patient a course of home whitening.  The results helped her to gain her original smile!

Photo courtesy of Dr Charmikh

Case 6 - Rula - After with logo

Adult patient complaining of top teeth sticking out. Treated with Invisalign without having any teeth removed. Treatment took 10 months.

Case 9 - Rula - Before with logo
Case 9 - Rula - After with logo

This patient had Invisalign to treat wonky teeth. The treatment took 5 months.

Case 15 - Rula - FRONT VIEW Before with logo

Adult with open bite complained that they cannot bite into sandwiches and food properly. They were treated with Invisalign over 16 months.